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Returns Policy

QualityAlphonsoMangoes.com is a website selling raw (kachhi) devgad-ratnagiri hapus alphonso mangoes which are harvested and graded as per weight by experienced staff and packed on the same day in wood box covered from inside with natural grass and dispatched on the same day.

Mangoes, as you are aware, are perishable products. You understand that these fruits cannot be stored beyond a certain time limit. Hence any returns will kill the quality of the mangoes. Therefore, as a policy, we do not accept returns of the mangoes once delivered.

Exception here are cases where you receive damaged, pressed, squeezed or crushed consignments. In such cases, you may return the consignment with all proof photographs and give us a call or send us and email when such consignments reach you. The number to call in such cases is +919422432707, the email id to contact is info@qualityalphonsomangoes.com.

Cancellation Policy

We will strictly not allow any cancellation of order for mangoes. However, changes in the grade of mangoes prior to dispatch can be accommodated.

Please note that we dispatch the mangoes the next day to be delivered to you at your address within 38 to 48 hours (practical reaching time as per our experience of last 3 years) throughout western India. For the rest of India, the delivery period is within 72 hours after packing and dispatch.

Please be aware that once you place an order, we plan our regular dispatch as per our harvest and dispatch the mangoes within 24 hours. However, if we are backlogged with orders, we may take up to 48 hours to dispatch.

As you can understand, fruits once harvested cannot be put back on to the trees. Hence, as a policy, orders once placed and paid for will not be cancelled. We may, at our sole discretion, consider postponement of your order, provided we get your update soon enough and operationally we are in a position to do so.

Replacement Policy:

We adhere to a strict policy of no replacement.

However, we are committed to giving you the best fruits and complete return for your money. We hope you understand that mangoes are naturally grown fruits and no one can fathom nature. Ratnagiri and Devgad mangoes are delicate fruits and they may likely get impacted by unruly weather.

Growing and maintaining of amba wadi (mango orchard) is done with thorough care at our farms. We supply pure, residue free and original devgad-ratnagiri hapus alphonso and payri mangoes with strict adherence to norms and we supply the mangoes strictly as per grade and weight and with tough inspection. However, due to uneven winter, monsoon and hot/humid summer at times mangoes may go bad from inside or outside.

Ones you placed an online order and the money is paid via credit/debit card or online payment gateway, no refund/cancellation will be entertained. We have return policy of our products so we can replace your product in following cases:

  • Order Error
  • Accident occurred to transportation vehicle

Supply of ratnagiri devgad hapus alphonso and payri mangoes:
We supply raw (kacchhi) and semi-ripened hapus and payri mangoes plucked and harvested from mango (amba) trees which are graded and packed on the same day in wooden or corrugated box.

We execute our sales orders on daily basis directly from our farms in the form of raw (kacchi) and semi-ripened natural mangoes plucked and graded on the same day and packed in wooden or corrugated boxes with layers of grass inside to ensure the natural condition and transportational safety of the mangoes.

Weight of the wooden box (peti) with raw (kacchi) mangoes and chawal grass kept inside to keep the raw mangoes safe and natural will be around 20 to 22 kg.

We ship the orders through cargo and specialized courier services.

In the event of an accident and/or any natural calamity and/or other circumstances beyond our reasonable control, force majure shall apply and neither we (QualityAlphonsoMangoes.com) nor our transporter shall be held responsible for any delay or non-delivery of the mangoes.